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This document outlines the integral aspects which institute professional relationships between Integrity Chamber and its partners. The Integrity Chamber is an arbiter of Integrity for any form of business or organization. It is time that business owners who have conducted their business with integrity are highlighted and promoted for their commitment to honorable business practices.

It is also essential for clients to identify who they are conducting business with, who they are supporting, and why. As we begin to recover economically, it is imperative to rebuild and institute a foundation with the utmost integrity and valor to ensure that a fortuitous system of business practice is developed. We have a portfolio of 9,000 webpages.

establishment of Integrity Chamber partners will create a network and culture of business professionalism that carries expectations of conduct and operation. The establishment of each partner must not be taken lightly in order to maintain the integrity of the system as a whole. Those who wish to establish their relationship with the partner network must be vetted. A required vetting process is established to discern intentions, qualifications, legitimacy, and efficacy.

It is imperative that all partners understand the gravity of the vetting process and its vital nature in the formation of a fortified syndicate of partners. Any potential partner must understand that upon being granted partnership they must uphold the principles of integrity in all they do. Any business conducted under the Integrity Chamber brand is subject to the expectations outlined herein. Any deterioration of the Integrity Chamber brand and its principles will lead to the immediate termination and revocation of partnership and affiliation to maintain the promise of integrity to all who are affiliated in our network. Any form of conduct that does not meet our expectations of integrity only negates the purpose of the platform.

As we proceed to establish the Integrity culture, we seek to find partners that value Integrity as much as we do. The saying “united we stand, divided we fall,” bears immense significance here. A system built on integrity first, united by its partners, business members and their clients, will create a profound foundation that will bolster a new era of business practice and relationships.

Partners of the Integrity Chamber must thoroughly understand the concept that we are building and embody the principles of integrity professionally. This is an exciting, and pivotal, moment in history, and how we conduct business must evolve to better suit the needs of The People, so that all people may have confidence and peace of mind as to where their hard-earned money is being spent. It is also immensely pertinent to identify the businesses that emulate integrity in a time where integrity in the business space is scarce and difficult to identify. We hope to create a powerful team of partners that capture our vision and seek to manifest it with us.

Document Courtesy of our Integrity Chamber Ambassador, Sammy Mendoza.

More information, a contract and compensation method will be provided upon request.


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